Meet Me in St. Louis

Well, I think I must be in another movie!! We have arrived in St. Louis, Senegal and as far as I can tell, there is no arch here.

It is no easy feat traveling by car in Senegal. The roads are not great and once we left the congestion of Dakar, the traffic was caused by a wayward goat or donkey. We are traveling in two vans with very good drivers. The Senegalese take their speed bumps very seriously and have inserted them in the roads as often as possible so it is hard to get much speed going.

As we made our way along today, I was in the second van. We went over yet another bump and then next thing I know, we started to back up which I thought was perhaps speed bump enthusiasm. It seemed excessive. What I had not seen was the that the back of the van in front of us had flung open, sending a backpack careening out and landing underneath our van, while we were going over the speed bump!!

After some back and forth, we were able to get the backpack out and after shaking off the dirt, the computer inside remain unscathed. It was really quite amazing!! The drivers took it all in stride as if it was an everyday kind of thing, The rest of the ride remained uneventful in comparison and we arrived in St. Louis later in the afternoon.

It is the original capital of Senegal and sits on the Senegal River. Our hotel is on the water and comes with it’s own 75 year old tortoise whose name is Sony.

Resident Tortoise
St. Louis, Senegal. No arch. No Cardinals.
St. Louis goats staying away from the traffic.
GoDocGo team in St. Louis.

Tomorrow and Tuesday we will head back to the clinics to continue screening for cervical cancer. Stay tuned. More details to come.

1 thought on “Meet Me in St. Louis

  1. Now that might be one of my greatest nightmares… watching my computer bag fling from the back of a van… but those roads remind me of the trails in north Thailand
    . I was on the side of a the e the edge of a precipice..but I’m here…with cool memories…

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